A commitment to strength is a year-round undertaking at Chestatee High School.

The War Eagle coaching staff have a passion for developing the complete athlete,focusing on optimum performance on the field of competition. War Eagle power is not just lifting weights; it’s boosting the total package, as athletes are educated and trained in every aspect of speed improvement, agility, flexibility, explosion and nutrition.

CHS strength coaches understand the proven keys to success:  Acceleration, speed, agility, strength and power. Then they teach, train, set goals and insist on doing things the right way, giving each individual his own opportunity for improvement. Every school in America develops its athletes from the neck down, but at CHS, you build excellence in both the mental and physical aspects of the game.

You’re not in it alone.

Toiling together builds a team, through lifting, the Super Eagle Testing, daily training sessions and workouts. Shared sweat brings camaraderie; you are soon convinced that you can depend on the hard-working guy next to you.

War Eagle Strength and Conditioning is an intense, every day commitment.

There is no such thing as a part-time champion.

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The number one goal of our strength and conditioning program is to improve resistance to injury and performance enhancement. The process we use to utilize this goal includes the following activities; sport nutrition, physiological restoration, joint mobility, muscular flexibility, weight training, speed drills, movement drills, power drills and conditioning drills. Each of these activities plays a crucial role in our sport training program.

No aspect of our training program will become and end in itself but, rather, only serve as a means to an end. As an example, our program will involve lifting weights to enhance specific characteristics that will affect an athlete’s ability to resist injury. We will not lift weights to make a better weight lifter. Flexibility, strength, power and conditioning capabilities are our base physical characteristics. We will develop solid foundation in these areas so that our athletes will be able to maximize sport speed, explosive power and reactive capabilities in a way that maximum performance will be enhanced.

The foundation of our conditioning program is our weight training program. A comprehensive weight training program will develop strength, power, muscular hypertrophy and joint stability. The development of these physical characteristics through consistent and intense training will enhance performance and resistance to injury. Our weight training program uses the latest periodization techniques to ensure progressive and balanced development.

We include different flexibility and conditioning activities in our training regime so that our athletes can use their improved strength, power and speed in competitive situations. To be strong without being fast, explosive and coordinated will do nothing to improve performance on the athletic field. By improving flexibility and conditioning we will be able to maximize and use strength, power and speed in game situations. Every athlete must be able to exhibit high levels of mobility, agility and endurance to expect success in competition.

The refinement component of our program emphasizes the use of speed, power, movement and conditioning drills. These activities serve to enhance the running and conditioning aspects of our preparation. The game of football requires great amounts of explosive power, reactive speed and endurance. Therefore developing the ability to accelerate, change direction quickly and maintain these abilities through out a game are key in maximizing sport performance and success. The implementation of plyometric and power drills will develop the ability to use strength and speed as a powerful expression of movement in game situations. Plyometric and power drills will greatly enhance absolute and reactive speed and power.

ATHLETICISM: The emphasis of our program is developing athleticism. Defined, “ATHLETICISM” is the ability to demonstrated strength, power, speed and coordination in competition.   The design of our training program centers on developing your physical capacities necessary for all sport and performance requirements. By combining appropriate training activities into a comprehensive program we can expect greater athleticism on the field of play. We lift weights to improve sport skills not weight lifting skills. The performance requirements of a competitive weight lifter are specific to their activity. The training methods of a football player must match the physical requirements his sport and position demands.

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